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Welcome to Northbound Academy

Our Mission Statement:  We absolutely insist on guiding young adults toward a life of excellence, leadership and service.

Northbound Academy Drug Rehab is a co-educational long term drug rehab program and addiction treatment center exclusively for young adults age 17 to 28 with chemical dependency and dual diagnosis disorders. Residents of our Southern California Drug Rehab Center are taught responsibility, accountability, life skills, social skills and work ethic, while receiving an equal blend of therapeutic and clinical services. Put simply, the residents of our Drug Long Term Rehab Facility learn to live sober not just get sober. Twelve-step recovery is the foundation of our drug rehab program and daily meetings are attended in the community.

addiction treatment centerFormalized Education is integrated on both a high school and college level.

Our drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs are designed so we can best meet the specific needs of each young adult who comes to us for help. Our Southern California drug rehab centers proudly provide the necessary clinical, residential, educational, recreational, and family communication support system for everyone admitted. We work with each individual to develop a path to recovery and to the goal of graduation from our drug and alcohol rehab program.

Our Program:

  • Each resident will learn aspects of Responsible Recovery and will commence a desire to be a successful, self supporting individual.
  • Education in our Long Term Drug Rehab is an integral part of our process and required for successful completion. Students are able to finish High School, obtain their GED, or earn college level credits as we offer college drug rehab programs
  • We offer many different modalities of Therapy and have a full Clinical Staff to meet the dual diagnosis needs of every resident to quit their drug or alcohol addiction.
  • Our Life Skills Infusion Curriculum will give your child the necessary tools to transition back to life successfully – in our Southern California Drug Rehab Center they will learn concepts about budgeting, work ethic, eating healthy, being active, and balancing their schedule.
  • Northbound Academy is not just a Long Term Drug Rehab, it is a well structured and intensive positive peer culture where residents learn leadership and accountability.

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