Why are Young People Attracted to Drugs?


Youth brings about visions of adventure and excitement. When you’re young, it’s commonly thought of as your time to have fun. Unfortunately, drugs and alcohol are often used as a way for young people to get excited and have an adventure, no matter how unsafe or unhealthy.

Quite often, young people are attracted to drugs because they look more exciting than the alternatives. Cities across the nation are realizing that drugs can be combated by providing something clean and cool for young adults. Teenagers want places to hang out that reek of awesomeness, like the adult clubs they see superstars going into. Places like Play Too! in Illinois give teens a place to have fun without drugs. Some teen clubs face being closed, like the club Frozen75 in Las Vegas. In the CBS news article teens and parents agree that if drug-free alternatives do not exist at all, young people will make their own fun – and its not often sober and clean.

Take some time to check out the places where youth are welcome to hang out without drugs or alcohol in your community. Are they attractive and fun without the drama of drugs and alcohol? If so, spread the word and help support them.

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