Where Do People Hide Drugs?

Teens, young adults and many other drug users hide their drugs so that friends and family cannot confiscate them and to keep from getting caught. Addicts have invented many deceptive ways to hide their drugs. Some hide them in hollowed out candles that mask the smell of the drugs. Others have purchased cans of “soda.” The can weighs the same as an unopened can but the bottom unscrews to provide a hiding place. Some have even purchased what appears to be a stack of CDs. But there is a  not a CD inside. Instead they are hollowed out to leave a hiding spot. There are also lipstick and highlighters that are actually pipes.

Often teens or young adults that live with their parents will be very secretive about their privacy. This is because the user has drugs stashed throughout his room in places such as in his drawers, in clothing pockets (that are hanging), in between mattresses, under mattresses–anywhere it might not be seen.

Many addicts use these types of devices as a way to keep treatment at bay. By hiding their use from friends and family, the user is living in a state of denial.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    “Often teens or young adults that live with their parents will be very secretive about their privacy.”
    You people used the phrase “teens will be secretive with their privacy”?
    You guys are really inspirational. I think I just might kick the habit today.
    On second thought, maybe I’ll do it next week.

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