How do you act towards someone who just got out of drug rehab?

When the people you care about return from drug rehab, they’ve gone through a lot. At the same time, graduating from rehabilitation is an achievement. As they come back home, they’re ready to start a new chapter in their lives. But the situation may cause you to wonder, “How should I act towards them?”

The simple answer: Be yourself. They need to know that you still care about them and that your relationship is still strong. Don’t feel like you can never talk about their past addiction. Being open and honest about what happened will help strengthen what was learned during the rehab process.

They need to know that you’ll be supportive, which, in this case means being sincere with them about their behavior. If they start to gravitate towards their old, destructive habits they need to know you won’t cover up for them or make excuses for them. You’ll be straightforward and help them stay on track.

There are lots of people who go on to live fulfilling lives after rehab. Recently, Josh Hamilton of the Cincinnati Reds was featured in a New York Times article showcasing his progress after recovering from a cocaine addiction. Hamilton says that the media, and maintaining an honest attitude, has helped him stay clean.

“You guys help hold me accountable for what I do,” he said, referring to members of the news media. “If I mess it up by going out and using again, I’d be the biggest hypocrite in the world.”

Everyone is unique and has a different story. Have you experienced welcoming someone after their drug rehab experience?

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