Celebrities Who Don’t Drink Alcohol

All the time, young adults hear about the troubles their favorite singers got into for underage drinking or the car accidents from the actors/actresses who decided to drive drunk. Athletes, superstars, and role models everywhere are making poor life choices, giving teens and young adults the idea that it’s okay to drink alcohol or abuse drugs.

But not all celebrities have problems with alcoholism. In fact, there are more people in the public eye who don’t drink alcohol than you might think. Some used to be alcoholics and they gave up the drink to stay sober and clean up their lives. Samuel L. Jackson, David Bowie, and recently Gary Oldman learned to abstain from alcohol to get rid of its damaging effects.

Some people just don’t do alcohol, period. Take Bruce Lee for example. He didn’t drink or do drugs, because he believed in keeping his body clean – and his body was unbelievably healthy during his lifetime. CNN reported that legendary comedian Jay Leno “drinks no alcohol and says he’s never smoked a cigarette or a joint.” Wikipedia has a whole list of famous people who have decided not to drink alcohol, complete with sources for verification. It’s a positive resource, especially if you’re looking for some support or starting to think staying clean is impossible.

Everyone can make good life decisions or poor life choices – even celebrities.

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4 Responses to Celebrities Who Don’t Drink Alcohol

  1. Dylan says:

    You’re very welcome. Isn’t it great to know that not all celebs are using drugs or have troubles with alcoholism?

  2. Celebrities Don’t Drink?

  3. barry smythe says:

    Interesting blog. Didn’t know Jay Leno never touched a drink. Fortunately for those of us that do have problems, substance abuse rehabilitation exists. Whether you’re a severe alcoholic, a binge drinker or a full-on heroin addict it is reassuring to know help is out there.

    These blogs are great. Keep it up!

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