What Drugs show up in a Urine Test

First, it’s important to know that there are several different kinds of urine tests. A traditional urine test, or urinalysis, will check to see if you are healthy and will only reveal any health problems or complications you might have.

If urine is being tested specifically for drugs, then it will check for a specific substance or the processed remains of a substance. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA) and World Health Organization (WHO) have standardized tests that check for specific levels of commonly abused drugs.

Here is a list of drugs that will often show up in a urine drug test:

- Alcohol
- Marijuana
- Opium
- Heroin
- Phencyclidine (PCP)
- Ecstasy
- Anabolic steroids
- Oxycodone (OxyContin)
- Hydrocodone (Vicodin)
- Benzodiazepines (Xanax, Valium)
- Barbiturates
- Amphetamine
- Methamphetamine (aka Meth or Crystal Meth)
- Morphine, Codeine, and other narcotics/opiates

Some of these drugs are legally available with a doctor’s prescription. It’s important to ask your doctor if you can discontinue the medication for the test or get written confirmation from them to let your employer know you are legally taking the drug for medical reasons.

As always it’s better to stay off drugs, if you or a loved one needs addiction treatment give our Southern California Drug Rehab a call.

It’s common to wonder if it is possible to test positive by coming in contact with a drug, but don’t actually use it – such as breathing in second-hand marijuana smoke. From the test results, there are urine test cut-off levels that define how much of the substance has to be found in the body to be declared positive. Unintentional contact should not produce a high enough level to cause concern. Also, if someone does test positive on the first test, a confirmatory test is usually done to verify the previous results.

Although many products and companies claim they can help people to “test clear” through devices or detox programs, the only way to be sure to pass a urine test is to stay clean and drug free.

If you need any information on Drug Rehabs on Young Adult Drug Rehab Centers please reach out to us.

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68 Responses to What Drugs show up in a Urine Test

  1. Robin says:

    Well, I do not do any drugs and I just got back from an interview. They are sending me to do a 10-panel drug test plus expanded OPI. It just occured to me that I am taking this secret ingredient chinese weight loss pill. It is called Reduce weight Fruta Planta. It says it is 100% pure nature. I am a little nervious that the secret ingredient is something that will show up on the test. The box is not english so I can’t read it. I really don’t want to stop taking it because I have lost 8lbs, but does anyone know about this? Thanks.

  2. Santanna says:

    Will levothroxin or synthroid for a thyroid consition show up on a drug test?

  3. Phoebe says:

    Will herbal hormones show up on drug tests? I’m taking those.

  4. justwondering says:

    i snorted 100 mg of divalproex sodium about a week and a half ago. now im supposed to take a urine test with the police to test for seroquel that was stolen from my work. both are psychotropic meds; will they show up the same on a urine test?

  5. bkr says:

    Hey i need to know for sure……if the new k3 herbal incence will show up in drug tests?? in any kind of drug test i wouldnt think it would because of the fact that it doesnt contain thc nor any other drug…please answer my ? i have been searching about this online but i dont know if i should belienve everything i hear in articles online!!

  6. Kathleen Savioli says:

    I have been going to pain management for several yrs. due to a car accident and surgery. My Dr. is telling me that whenever I take a urine test my RX for percacet (prescribed by them) it never shows up. Why would this happen? I asked her to please send it out. I took one pill yesterday at 2 pm. and did a urine test today at 2:30 pm. Again, it is not showing up. Three months ago she asked me if I used methadone, I told her never, they sent it out to be tested and they were the ones that were wrong, it came back with results that said no methadone. Two months ago they said my urine test came back w/ 2 benzodiazepam’s. I am prescribed alprazolam. They know I take 4 mg of alprazolam a day, 375mg. of effexor xr, (flexoril 10 mg. prescribed by them) meprobamate for sleep (not every night) sometimes I use tylenol pm instead. Actually quite often Tylenol pm instead of the mepbrobamate, many vitamins and fioracet as needed for migraine headaches. One St. Joseph’s aspirin each morning (per my Family Dr.s instructions) I hardly ever use the (generic) fioracet because it contains caffeine and my Family Dr. was unaware that I stopped using caffeine (no soda, tea, coffee) 20 yrs. ago because of my severe anxiety. Why are these tests coming back wrong in their office? I told her today to send it out again because the percacet did not show up. Please don’t mind my spelling, not sure if I spelled my medications right. Thanks for any help with this question.

  7. J says:

    Does anti depressants like Pristiq show up in a urine test?

  8. r.leary says:

    iam on probation i know they test for common drugs, and roid test are complex ,would they show up ,some one with knowledge hit me back asap

  9. Zach says:

    Does salvia show up on a drug test in your urine? It’s legal but will it show up and what will it show up as?

  10. Audri says:

    I did a half of 500 mg of vicodin yesterday midday, and I have a drug test today to determine if im getting off house arrest.. I also did a adderol 30xr and a half of a adderol xr30 on wedneday, do you think I should be clean?

  11. matt says:

    hey i was wondering if concerta shows up in in your basic drug test because i went to ask.com and they said that it could make it test positive made did not say what for

  12. Mimi says:

    RE: LJ Says:
    January 16th, 2009 at 8:41 pm
    Julie – If you were given a prescription & were taking what was prescribed you wouldn’t be worried. You would simply show your valid prescription & possibly be tested again. Morphine would not show up if you were only taking Tylenol 3, so there is something fishy going on here. The fact that you are so regularly tested shows that there is worry for you and/or your baby that you’ve been using. Do what is right for your unborn child (who could be born at this point). Turn yourself in & don’t use drugs. How sad for your child.
    My husband is a pain management patient and he too was drug tested while taking T-3 and it too showed up as Morephine…turned out to be a false positive. I do NOT think there is anything ‘fishy’ going on with Julie. I think she was just caught up in a ‘false positive’ DS and is looking for an answer and the answer is…Codeine CAN show a false positive for Morephine!!! God be with and bless you and your baby Julie and LJ…get your facts straight before you condemn this lady. People do NOT come to this page for excuses…they come for explanations!

  13. Gaye says:

    I am in pain management 20+yrs now for a neck injury from a fall out of a rig derrick 27 yrs ago and in the past 2 months have had a pre-employment UDS that showed Valium…I do NOT take it and have also had a UDS @ my Dr. office in the past month that also showed Valium…again, I do NOT take. I do take a moderate amount of Dramamine for nausea (due to some of the pain RX and to help me sleep (during the day) when I am working nights. Does anyone know or have any proof that Dramamine can show a false positive for Valium? I have read and been told that it can.

  14. lindsey says:

    Hi, I need some advice I have a bad back I have had 2 surgeries and much more to try to fix this problem I am always in pain and have been on morphine for years. Last week I had a drug screening and today I got the results it came back positive for amphetamine and I have not taken anything like that! My goodness I have bad anxity already I don’t need speed! But my doctor does not believe me and has told me I broke the contract with us saying I would not do any other drug and she told me I need to find another doctor. This really upsets me more than I can say she has been my doctor for years! Now I am afraid that this will be sent to the new doctor I pick and they won’t prescribe me my pain meds! How can my test come out saying that? I never did anything but my own pain meds.

  15. lisa says:

    i have been in pain mangment two years i have taken my med as directed every drug test they give me show that i do not take my meds help i dont know whats wrong

  16. steve says:

    will pristiq show up in urine or mouth swab drug screen

  17. Wilton Stachowski says:

    Excellent Web site! I wanted to ask if I would be able site some of your website and use a handful of points for a school assignment. Please drop me an email if its ok or not. Thanks

  18. DoDi says:

    jane question # 21.my husbands brother is a attorney and I asked him this question,if your husband has had these before he needs to go to the pharmacy where he gets them filled (especially the last script) and if it hadnt expired yet he needs to bring that to his job that fired him and show them the sheet when they were picked up.he also needs to tell them he takes them prn and had hurt his back the night before and took 2 and went to bed if they dont want to hire him back he needs to find a real good attorney for a wrongful firing.actually he should really make them hold their breath and tell them he had hurt his back at work the day he took the pills and was going to tell them in the morning wanna see someone get their job back real quick they wouldnt want it as a workmans comp.But give it a shot after being there that long they wanted him out so they could hire some goof for 8 bucks an hour instead of paying him what they were,you have a huge case dont let this go.Just think of the wonderful retirement you can have on them for being cheap….please let me know what happens.

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