Drug Slang Terms: The Words on the Street

Slang is a prevalent part of drug culture: It’s a form of self expression, method for discreet communication and way for drug users to project their mastery in the subject area. Street terms for drugs are often more relevant than medical terminology; words that don’t tend to roll off the tongue as smoothly, like diacetylmorphine and desoxyephedrine, aren’t popular among groups actually using the substances. Interpreting the way in which drug users converse may provide a better understanding of their lifestyles. The following is a condensed list of popular drugs and their corresponding slang terms, many of which come from the Indiana Prevention Resource Center:

Marijuana: Bammy, funk

Smoke marijuana: Blow a stick, blast a roach

Heroin: Dope, smack, skag
Inject heroin: Dip and dab       

Smoke heroin: Chase the tiger

Heroin and cocaine mixture: Speedball, Belushi

Cocaine: Candycaine, weasel dust

Addicted to cocaine: Flaky

Inhale cocaine: Blow blue

Crack cocaine: Cat’s pee, crackers

Crack: Apple jacks

Smoke crack: Blast

Methamphetamine: Crystal, crank, tweek

Injecting methamphetamine: Bangin’ it in

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3 Responses to Drug Slang Terms: The Words on the Street

  1. carl weeler says:

    my son is using a name i am trying to find information on. have you heard the name tweekster used as a drug term.

  2. carl weeler says:

    I am searching for a screen name my son made and was wondering if you have heard refferance to it. I didn’t find the term or slang word under your site.
    The screen name he is using is tweekster
    I could use any advice you might have about it.

  3. Ashley says:

    “Tweeking” is a behavior referred to by drug addicts as someone high on ice or crystal methamphetamine. It is the “tweeking” that sets apart an ice addict’s behavior and that of a sober, normal person that is not high on ice. I am a recovering, 23 year old, female addict and have had my share of experience with the slang and words used on the street. I am fairly certain that this “tweekster” name may be related to a drug related idea or concept. However, I have also heard people my age use the term as to describe someone engaging in some type of peculiar activity or exhibiting peculiar (“tweeky”) type of behavior or actions. Hope this helps! :)

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