Pulp Fiction Actor Peter Greene Stays Sober from Drug Addiction

The actor to play the now infamous role of Zed in Quentin Tarantino’s wildly successful film, “Pulp Fiction,” has continued to stay sober since his long history with drug problems. 


Peter Greene’s most recent bust for possession of drugs took place in Manhattan at Alphabet City in 2007.  He was seen by law enforcement and other witnesses to be buying two bags of cocaine.  An officer at the scene took from his front pockets of his jeans two plastic bags of an unknown substance at the time.  He went through arraignment where he pleaded guilty to the charges of criminal possession.  He received no jail time, the judge giving him time served during his sentencing. 


He supposedly won his long and harrowing battle with drug addiction when he entered a facility  for residential drug treatment during the 90s.  However, he has managed to stay clean since this most recent run in with the law.  While he had what looked like a promising career due to his tour de force performance in both “Clean, Shaven” and  “Laws of Gravity,” his constant on and off relationship with drug  wrecked many of the chances he had to star in larger roles with more opportunities from him to grow in fame and talent.  
He has had to face many problems due to his flirting with the possibility of treatment for drug addiction ever since he began using in his late teens and early twenties.  He worked as a small time drug dealer after dunning away from his home in New Jersey on the streets of New York where he was mostly homeless except for the kindness of friends and acquaintances.  He finally began to study acting, something he credits with having helped him to save his life even thought his abuse of drugs continued. 
While it is not known if he has received further help from an addiction treatment center  from his arrest in 2007, he appears to have stayed sober since.

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