Kim Richards is Out of Long Term Rehab for Alcohol

The troubled Beverly Hill’s house wife star, Kim Richards, has been in denial about her alcohol abuse since confronted in the first season. Richards has come clean and made a statement in the season finale of Bravo’s housewives that she checked into a long term drug rehab center.

Kim Richards was scheduled to enter a dual diagnosis treatment center at the end of the first season of Real housewives of Beverly Hills. Her claims of entering a rehab treatment center were false and as she returned to the second season of RHOBH, her behavior was odd and quite erratic.

After failing to successfully check herself into a drug and alcohol rehab center, Bravo released a statement in December 2011 that Kim Richards has checked herself into a Drug Rehab Facility. On the season finale last night, Kim Richards does admit to being an alcoholic but fails to comment on her possible substance abuse.

Kim Richard’s sister Kyle admits that Kim’s problems did not just formulate on air, but has been an on-going problem for years. Kyle Richards is proud of her sister for finally airing out her dirty laundry and admitting that she has a problem – One of the first steps to drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

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