Nevada Drug Rehab Center

Nevada Drug Rehab Facilities

Are you living in Nevada and looking for a Drug Rehab Center to help fight your addiction.  Northbound Academy has a solution for people living in Nevada who want to break their drug and alcohol addiction.  Our clinical staff designs a long drug treatment program that is personalized for each resident.

Our clinical staff will help you to break the habit of drugs by taking a personalized approach to help build the young adults communication skill.  Northbound Academy offers different forms of therapy to meet the needs of each resident.

We are located near other Nevada Drug Rehab Centers and we have a successful track record that will help us stand out.  Our drug rehab facility is targeted to serve young adults aged 17 – 28 for alcohol and drug dependencies.

Gatehouse Academy is dedicated to help the residents of Nevada to get back on track from their drug addiction.  Please give Northbound Academy a call so we can help you are advise you to a how our drug rehab center near Nevada can serve you.

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San Diego Drug Rehab Center – Northbound Academy

When it comes to making a decision to get help for your alcohol or drug dependency it may be one of the most important decisions of your life.  At Northbound Academy, we are serving the city of San Diego to help protect and assist the community from having a drug or alcohol addiction.    Our long term drug rehab is equipped with the staff and programs to offer quality treatment and help provide a full recovery.

Northbound Academy is located near San Diego, California and can help you kick the habit of drugs and alcohol.  Our co-educational drug rehab programs are exclusively for young adults aged 17 – 28.  Our drug rehab center located near San Diego, CA provides the necessary clinical and educational help that they need.

Our drug rehab programs help to teach residents responsibility and how to rely on communication to build stronger relationships.  Each resident of our long term drug rehab learns the detailed aspects of responsible recovery and with the importance of becoming successful. 

Northbound Academy is dedicated to help the people of San Diego to get back on track from their drug and alcohol dependency.  Please give Northbound Academy a call so we can help you are advise you to a San Diego Inpatient Rehab center that can best serve your needs. 

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San Francisco Drug Rehab Center – Northbound Academy

f you are looking for a long term drug rehab program near San Francisco, California, than Northbound Academy could be right for you!  We offer a co-educational dual diagnosis treatment program exclusive to young adults aged 17-28.  Each resident at our drug rehabilitation center is taught how to deal with responsibility and social skills to help build their communication skills.

Located near San Francisco drug rehab centers is Northbound Academy.  We offer many different forms of therapy and have a full clinical staff on board to treat every resident with a personalized recovery plan.  Our drug and alcohol rehab center outside of San Francisco California, teaches each student how to be successful as an individual and depend on themselves, rather than relying on others.

We are not just a drug and alcohol treatment center but we offer a structured curriculum to encourage positive and healthy behavior.  Our seasoned veterans will provide your child with the necessary tools and life skills to transition back to a successful recovery.

Northbound Academy is dedicated to help the people of San Francisco to get back on track from their drug and alcohol dependency.  Please give Northbound Academy a call at 888.730.0905 so we can help you are advise you to a San Francisco Inpatient Rehab center that can best serve your needs. 

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Is the Passing of Whitney Houston Drug Related?

We are very saddened by the passing of Whitney Houston this past weekend.  She was loved by so many for her beautiful voice and extensive collection of musical works.  Many people may not realize that Whitney was the goddaughter of Aretha Franklin and began singing with her New Jersey church’s choir at age 11.  Over the course of her career, Whitney won 415 awards for her music.  Her hit single “I will always love you” from the film “The Bodyguard” became the best-selling single for a female recording artist in history.  Whitney was also a talented producer, actress and model.  There is no doubt that some aspect of her work touched the heart of most people, whether you heard a song for five seconds while walking through a mall or you were a more enthusiastic fan.

Like many of us, we know that Whitney Houston faced her own struggles with addiction.  And as a celebrity, her struggles were sometimes very visible to the public eye.  Millions of people around the globe struggle with addiction every year.  Addiction is a challenging illness that can subjugate people regardless of intelligence, will power, personality, accomplishments, money, or the love of a devoted family.  It can sometimes take a very deep surrender precipitated by very adverse conditions and then a full recovery process for someone to be able to really hold onto a new way of life without drugs, alcohol, and or personal misery and suffering.   It is our very sincere hope that this truly beautiful soul singer had already found or will now find complete salvation and some true peace in her soul.  We ask all who can to pray for her and her family as well as pray for any other families who may have lost family members over this past weekend.

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What is Northbound Southern California Drug & Alcohol Rehab All About?

Northbound Academy provides young adults whose lives are challenged by addictions and mental health diagnoses with long term dual-diagnosis treatment in a residential therapeutic setting that also develops life skills, emotional maturity, and achievement in formalized education, the arts, and vocational skills

We specialize in treating young adults with the following issues:

  • Alcohol and drug abuse or addictions
  • Process Addictions
  • Axis І & Axis ІІ Disorders
  • Codependency & Trauma
  • Life Skills Deficits

Founded in 2000, Northbound Academy Southern California Drug Rehab has helped to guide thousands of young adults along a path of honest self-discovery, ultimately allowing them to experience for themselves a better way of life that is the engagement of a lifestyle of “responsible recovery”, service to community, and passionate achievement in education or careers

Located in Wickenburg, Tucson, and Prescott Southern California, our young adult drug treatment communities are highly energetic milieus of learning, support, and development guided by our professional, experienced, and compassionate staff.  Each of our campuses is nurtured by the recovery culture of these vibrant Southern California communities and anchored in the natural serenity and quiet beauty of the low and high Sonoran Desert landscapes with which they coexist.

Experiential Recovery: An Opportunity for Insight

There are no small glimpses of hope.    For a suffering or self-destructing young man or woman, an honest insight into self or the experience of a little bit of the joy of living through a  healthy lifestyle is the greatest gift that he or she could ever receive.  For, with this transformative experience in which a young man or woman experiences the positive returns of healthy living and personal adjustment, they are provided the motivation to continue to act in their own highest good.  They have learned a small element of respect for themselves and others.  And we can see the beginnings of Self Love.

The entire community experience at Northbound Academy is engineered with the achievement of these life-changing events as our highest priority for each of our clients.  As such, our experiential program structure and staff are discriminately and creatively optimized to best accommodate a young adult woman or man toward this important discovery. The final step is not taken by us.

We understand well that in order to create the highest statistical opportunity for success both during and after a treatment process for a young adult there are two essential requirements.  The first requirement is that the treatment community is one that is therapeutically saturated with the treatment goals of our program.  Everything experienced by a client of the Northbound program–from the daily schedule, staff selection, treatment plan, activities, to the program content—everything, is designed to be accommodating of the process of recovery.

.  Second, length of stay is exceedingly important.  The required curriculum is high in terms of life skills learning, emotional maturation, personal adjustment, and scholastic and creative achievement needed for a young adult to have a strong and healthy foundation for healthy living.  This takes time.  This foundation is required if a young person is to be successful long term.

Spirituality is an important element of our program.  A reasonable definition of spirituality is as follows: Spirituality is the quality of the relationship one has with self, others, and when one chooses to explore it, with a Higher Power.  We are guided by the 12 step principle that one must choose a Higher Power of his or her own understanding.  Our clients engage in regular 12 Step work, yoga, meditation, tai chi, and martial arts.  They have the option to attend Church services at a variety of different denominational churches.  Creativity is also a pathway to spirituality.  As such, we have regular art and music classes, creative writing, and a film program.  The natural world is also a reflection of some people’s spiritual beliefs.  We have therapeutic animals on campus including a horse pasture, we operate wilderness excursions, and we take clients on weekend hikes.

Family Program

We support the families of our clients with the stability of our experience, expertise, and compassion.  It brings great purpose and satisfaction to walk with the family through their own process of recovery, ultimately guiding them to a better and more peaceful way of life.  This process also creates a better chance for success for the young adult client as the family learns to interact and set boundaries with their loved one in more healthy ways.

The family who contacts us is always faced with substantial challenges.  We patiently guide a family who is experiencing varying levels of crisis or unmanageability through a process that will result in real clarity.  Clearly seeing the truth of the situation then will allow the family to implement solutions.  This process requires active listening, inspired guidance, and it can sometimes require a great deal of time and energy.  Our admissions staff, with whom families make first contact, know this well.  They are also available to serve in direct interventions, family coaching sessions, and transportation to our program.

The Family Communications department at Northbound Academy assumes the responsibility of walking with the family while the affected loved one is at Northbound Academy.  Our Family, “Team leaders”, act as case managers and devote their time exclusively to working with the families of our clients. They monitor progress, educate, support, and advise the family on recovery and codependency as it pertains to each unique family situation.

The family of the client will be invited out to three separate intensive workshops during the course of their family member’s stay at Northbound Academy.  The Sobriety, Education, and Integrity workshops take place at 3 month intervals, last four full days and comprehensively treat the family as a whole through education and facilitated therapeutic list work, and family sessions.

Young Adult Community

We work only with young adult clients, and thus, an important focus of ours is on creating an environment that is safe, energetic, interactive, and fun.  Our program activities include athletics, yoga, martial arts, skateboarding, swimming, guitar, piano, art, writing, and film production classes.     Our residents take part in wilderness excursions, attend movies and sporting events, and are introduced to young peoples’ recovery events in order to include them in a lifelong community that can support and enrich their lives.  Each week, our residents devote time to community service organizations, experiencing the benefits of selfless service to others.  They are supported in their creative efforts to manage projects that raise money for the make-a-wish foundation and in they directly raise funds for charitable contributions to local causes.  All of these experiences are designed to allow our young adults to experience fun and thereby become motivated to continue this new lifestyle and self-identification with the recovery process.  Service allows for the letting go of some of the bonds of repetitive self-absorption and it allows for the experience of higher levels of joy.

The process of identification happens easily in our young adult community and residents form important friendships and alliances that can last a lifetime.  Healthy relationships that support accountability to recovery norms are especially important for young adults, who tend to be very conscious of their peer group.  These relationships are leveraged to create an environment at Northbound Academy that supports growth from all angles.

We would be doing our young adult clients a disservice if we did not provide them significant structure and life skills training.  Young adults whose lives have been interrupted by substance abuse often have difficulties with managing life and maintaining healthy relationships.  Many of these difficulties stem from an interruption of the maturation process, and the replacement of what are normally someone’s formative years with crisis, disturbance, and uncertainty.  Our clients receive strong, stable structure and support and the program possesses solid guidelines that provide our young adults with a daily life design that becomes internally adopted into their lives and creates healthy long-term patterns.

More specifically, every aspect of the daily life is guided by our “Road to Excellence” process.  Residents are tutored on and expected to develop and maintain excellent personal habits of order, cleanliness, hygiene, dress, proper nutrition, food shopping, culinary skills, personal finance and budgeting.  These skills are developed through instruction and in-service demonstrations, and residents are held accountable by peers and staff.  Sometimes it can be a little difficult in the beginning, but over time, our clients learn to appreciate the sense of self-esteem and satisfaction with this healthy lifestyle.

Higher-level life skills are also developed.  Residents will, at an appropriate stage, take on positions of leadership as a House Manager Work Crew Foreman, Senior Resident, and Residential Advisor.  These positions teach finer relational skills, management of situations, and offer opportunities for rewarding mentorship.


Gatehouse Academy pre-graduates undertake a rigorous transition planning phase before graduation that includes personally reflecting, creating a mission statement, conducting interviews, and creating a methodical step by step plan to continue recovery and achieve desired goals.  Thus process is supplemented with career and educational testing and supported by the client’s treatment team.

Upon graduation, Northbound Academy offers Northbound College campuses in Prescott and Tucson, Southern California.  These transitional living facilities, located in young adult and recovery-friendly Southern California cities, offer an essential step-down phase of support and outpatient treatment while the young adult begins to actively engage life through full or part-time college education and part-time employment.  Each student will be led through phases of transitioning toward independent living.  Students have access to world-renowned centers of learning located in Southern California.  Some students will pursue more vocational opportunities such as automotive certifications, trade schools, or equine management.

Gatehouse Academy graduates become members of our growing, community of alumni.  Our alumni program unites our graduates and families via special events, social networking memberships, parent groups, and tracking & monitoring aftercare services.

Many of our graduates take an interest in the field of chemical dependency treatment and use the experiences they have gained at Northbound to help others receive the same gift that they received.


Gatehouse Therapeutic Health Services, our devoted and professional clinical staff, is comprised of a versatile and experienced team of counseling, psychological, and psychiatric specialists.  Our clinicians specialize in treating dually-diagnosed young adults with co-occurring addictive disorders.  The principles behind treatment at Northbound recommend precise, long-term assessment of behavior and mood, and the use of scientific practices that ensure the utmost in individualized care to each young adult client.  Clients receive a full psychological and psychiatric assessment and a typical treatment plan includes individual therapy, group therapy, psychiatric appointments, and other supportive therapies.  We are currently employing for use according to individual needs the following therapeutic elements: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral therapy, EMDR, Motivational Interviewing, Sexual Trauma and addiction therapy, Twelve Step Facilitation, Anger groups, trauma & grief recovery work, equine assisted therapy, art therapy, and gestalt therapies. In addition, clients and their families will be taken through a 3 part Family Workshop program during the course of a young adult’s stay (see Family Program).


Our residents are very bright and talented young adults.  Some are quite capable scholastically; others are talented in other ways.  We have exceptional “in-the making” artists, musicians, craftsmen, writers, filmmakers, equine managers, and tradesmen.   Addiction, other untreated diagnoses, low self esteem, and an unhealthy lifestyle, have frequently eroded away the successes of a young person who struggles with addiction and other challenges.  Sometimes, a young adult has never really experienced much success.  They have found it hard to find their way in life at all.    In a healthy and supportive environment and while seizing positive changes through recovery, they can begin to thrive again or for the first time in their life in academics and/or other life passions.

Each young adult client will be guided by a personalized academic coach through a pre-scholastic assessment, the completion of at least (3 college courses or 1 High School semester or GED completion), career testing, and a full transition plan leading up to commencement that involves interviewing, the creation of a mission statement and the formation of a personal action plan taking into the next steps toward finishing a higher education degree or securing another life goal.

Our growing alumni include college graduates, MA’s, MFA’s, MD’s, skilled tradesmen and more.  Most importantly, they have the experiential knowledge, preparation, and personal clarity to live authentic and happy lives.

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Suge Knight Arrested For Drugs in Las Vegas

“Suge” Knight, the notorious bad boy allegedly tied to the Tu Pac and Notorious BIG scandal has been arrested.  The music rap mogul faces court on March 12th following his 2009 traffic warrant and a new misdemeanor drug charge.

Suge Knight, the former Death Rows executive, was stopped driving his black Bentley on Wednesday close to 6pm.  Suge Knight is no stranger to the Las Vegas police, especially with his vanity California plates.

The Las Vegas police department pulled over Suge Knight on Wednesday on a street west of the Las Vegas Strip.  The Executive music bully was issued an unsafe lane change summons and arrested for prior infractions.

The 46 year old rap mogul, Suge Knight, was also charged with possession of less than an ounce of a controlled substance and released from jail without bail.

According to TMZ, Suge Knight was arrested for having Marijuana with him in the car.

Suge night is due in Las Vegas Municipal Court on March 12th where he faces a number of infractions including battery, drug charges and driving violations.

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Amber Portwood headed to Long Term Drug Rehab

The troubled teen, Amber Portwood who was a star in MTV reality series Teen Mom, seems to be headed to a long term drug rehab.  She was given an ultimatum that she either goes to jail or attends a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center.

The 21 year old reality star, Amber Portwood, has been locked up behind bars in Indiana since late December once she pled guilty to possession of a controlled substance and a probation violation, stemming from a prescription drug charge.

Only the Monday hearing, Amber Portwood was sentenced to 5 years of prison although she may not be stuck behind bars.  A judge has agreed to postpone her jail sentence is she agrees to complete a drug rehab program.  If she is not deemed treatable and does not fulfill the drug rehab program, then she will be sent to jail.

Amber Courtwood currently remains in custody and returning to court on Thursday.  To avoid jail time it may be suggested to start gathering information on drug rehabs.  This is not her first rodeo, Amber Portwood has undergone drug rehabilitation treatment in June 2011, after attending a California Rehab Center.

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Drug Rehab Treatment at Northbound Academy

My name is Harrison; I am twenty-three years old from MA. I have been on the road to recovery since July 26, 2010. Over this period of time I have been through a handful of treatment centers, now I am receiving treatment at Northbound Academy. I have been here at Northbound roughly six months.

Every weekday morning the residents at Northbound Academy wake-up at 5:30AM to perform household chores and head off to “work ethic.” Work ethic is a form of service work which is held on and off campus. The residents are placed into different work crews, such as cleaning crews, landscaping crews, maintenance crews, horse crews and there are two residents who check the cleanliness of each residential house.

After months of being on different crews, such as landscaping and horses, I am now a member of the maintenance crew. We repair damage done to the campus in all of the housing areas and different offices and buildings. I enjoy doing this type of work. I am a certified automotive technician and I absolutely love to work with my hands and really be able to see the end result. I take a lot of pride in my work.

Before my using career began all I would do in my spare time is tinker with tools and make things out of wood. I was absolutely obsessed with my tool collection and putting it to full use. I had many dreams of what I would like to do in life. Soon after I began using and completely forgot about what I am really compassionate about and stopped caring. I used drugs and alcohol to get out of my head. The substances made me feel so great and excited, I felt no emotions. Now after having about six months clean and sober I face different emotions everyday. Usually I do not like feelings and emotions but I am learning different ways to find a solution for these feelings.

Being on the maintenance crew at Northbound is a great way for me to meditate and really get out of my head in the morning. It is a nice quiet time for me to work with tools, find solutions and serve others. That excitement I felt when woodworking in my parents’ garage when I was much younger has come back. Returning to my passion has at times helped me fill that void I sometimes feel missing from substances.

Recently at Northbound I have been struggling very hard. I was the foreman of maintenance crew and had been asked to step down because of my actions. Typically I would be extremely offended by this and become very resentful. By living in the solution, meeting with my sponsor regularly and living in integrity I was able to find my own part in this situation and respect the concern from my peers.

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Steps 1, 2, and 3 to Alcoholism

Step one- we admitted we were powerless over alcohol- that our lives had become unmanageable. It is obvious that this is the step where the alcoholic/addict acknowledges that there is a problem and it has gotten out of control. Most alcoholics who are in denial about their use get stuck on this step and have trouble moving along. This step is definitely an action step, if not the most important action step, the alcoholic needs to work before moving on to the next. Usually the alcoholic’s sponsor will have him write out his life story and underline the parts that exhibit powerlessness and unmanageability so that he can clearly see why he is an alcoholic. I think that most people who sit on this step have a greater chance of relapse because they won’t fully give the program a chance and just come and go to meetings when they choose.

Step two- came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity. This is a preparation step to recovery because the alcoholic must first recognize that he can’t do it by himself and that there is something out there greater than himself to guide him through his recovery process. Some people enter the program with religious backgrounds, so it is easier for them to grab a concept of god. Alcoholics Anonymous is not a religious program, and some people have a misunderstanding of this and are turned away from the program entire because of steps two and three. Atheists and agnostics who enter the program typically view nature or positive energy as a power greater than themselves and once they can acknowledge this they are ready to move on to step three.

Step three- made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of god as we understood him. Notice the italicized part. People coming into AA shouldn’t be forced into something they don’t believe, so it’s important they have the freedom to choose a god of their understanding. Once the alcoholic has step two down, they must take the action step by getting out of the self will they’ve been used to for so many years and turn it over to their higher power. Step three is a difficult step because it is very hard to let go of old ideas and behaviors and let god take over. Step three can apply to anyone in the world, not just alcoholics because it reiterates the fact that we have no control over a lot of things in our lives and this step is used to instill spirituality into our lives.

Written By: HK

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Josh Hamilton Major League Drug & Alcohol Relapse

The Texas Ranger outfielder Josh Hamilton, told reporters that he had, had a “weak moment” earlier this week at a bar in Dallas. Formerly suspended for drug and alcohol use, Josh Hamilton states that his life, “in general is based on making the right choices, everything as far as my recovery, as far as my baseball goes, it’s all based around my relationship with the Lord”

Josh Hamilton suggested that he had a few drinks this week and wants to get back on track with his sobriety and his passion for baseball. This is a clear window in to an addict’s acknowledgment of the understanding that if their sobriety does not come first, nothing ells in life will be manageable.

Understanding this concept is easy, but making it applicable to everyday life is the hard part. Long term drug treatment is often the solution for chronic relapses, Northbound Academy, located north-west of Phoenix Southern California has dealt with stories like Josh Hamilton’s for almost 12 years now. If you know someone that is constantly struggling with addiction please help them by contacting an addiction professional.

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